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Review: Hades In Love

Hades in LoveHades in Love by Mel Bossa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hades in Love is a small little story with many twists and turns. It also uses Greek Mythology and lore throughout the story which is also another one of my various interests. Anyways on with the Review.

Hades in Love follows the story of up and coming perfumer, Harris, nicknamed Hades by friends and coworkers alike, who just can’t seem to have a meaningful relationship. He’s burnt out of just having flings and decides that he might be ready for something different. However, when your trying to make it in the perfume biz, such a thing is easier said than done. Holed up in his lab for hours on end and working a day job as an advertising agent, he quickly finds himself in need for a date for his perfume’s launch party.

This is when a long-time friend of his suggests hiring an escort, but not just any service mind you…an escort from Mount Olympus. A bit uncertain but in desperate need of a date, Harris calls the service and is sent a match right away.

Enter Pallas, a man with blonde hair and enchanting blue eyes that seemed to be chiseled by the god’s themselves. Harris is immediately interested and finds himself to be genuinely curious about the mysterious man, often asking questions that Pallas quickly shoots down in his no-nonsense business demeanor.

It is during the times that they spend getting prepared for the launch party that we start to see Pallas’ walls begin to fall around Harris. This is much to Harris’ enjoyment and much to Pallas’ confusion and anxiety.

Pallas tries to resist Harris’ attempts to seduce him and often leaves the latter spinning. The chemistry between the two was instantaneous and entertaining to watch unfold. To see these two characters (who have walls built up so high that China would be envious), develop into learning how to be in a relationship. Of course not all turns out well between them and misunderstanding occur but in the end they learn from their mistakes and come together making their bond that much stronger.

In short, Hades in Love is a fun ride full of twists and turns for both characters. (Some really good and some pretty bad.) They both have flaws and self-destructive personalities. They are very strong-detailed characters and are easy to sympathize with. When they are going through a struggle…you can feel it and when they are over the moon…it’s simply sweet and touching. I enjoyed it and I’m sure others with similar tastes will to.

I’d also like to Thank the Publishers and NetGalley for sending me the book to read and review.

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