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Review: Doukyuusei


Anime Film: Doukyuusei 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Doukyuusei in English meaning Classmates; is an animated film about two teenage boys who attend a boy’s only high school.

We are quickly introduced to Kusakabe, the main voice of our story. He seems rather bored with class as the teacher proceeds to teach the class a song that will be sung for an upcoming event. It is during this time that Kusakabe notices that one of the classmates nearby isn’t singing. This particular classmate, known for his good grades…goes by the name Sajou.

At first Kusakabe wonders if Sajou thinks he’s too good to sing and wouldn’t even bother wasting his time with it. This thought however quickly changes as Kusakabe discovers Sajou practicing his singing alone in an empty classroom.

Shortly after this unexpected run-in, Kusakabe offers to help his fellow student via practice sessions. Sajou mentions that Kusakabe is in a band and after a few moments of hesitation accepts the offer.

It is during these afternoon practicing sessions that we see the two become close. Kusakabe becoming more and more late for his band practice as well as Sajou getting more comfortable and being a bit less hesitant.

It all culminates to a point where we notice that the two may be having feelings for the other. Of course after this realization doesn’t stop there…the story continues and shows whether their love will last or if their relationship will just fizzle out due to their future circumstances.

Doukyuusei is a wonderful slice of life story that not only captures the emotions of the characters but I even found myself getting emotionally invested in their shared interactions. I often caught myself “oohing” and “awing” every time they had a sweet moment or gritting my teeth in frustration when a new type of drama unfolded. There were even moments where I laughed out loud because of the some of the antics that occurred.

In short, Doukyuusei is a sweet little story about the lives of two young men finding themselves, experiencing love for the first time and finding their way towards a future that they can look forward to.



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